Vanina Walsh

An Instant Classic

The COOP brand originated with a simple idea to make sports products from neoprene - the same material used in wetsuits. It was conceived the organic way; on the North Shore Beach in Oahu, Hawaii with a soaking wet football and a flash of an idea. Next came different colored neoprene, then patterns and real laces. Since then, COOP has evolved into a fashion forward, active lifestyle company, committed to making more fun days playing in the pool, backyard, and at the beach. Bottom line, COOP makes play time more fun. 


COOP Backyard Games


Our lawn and beach games are great fun for the whole family. Whether you are hanging out in the backyard or heading to the beach, it's easy to amp-up the fun wherever you go with COOP backyard games. 

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COOP Sport


At COOP we believe there's nothing better than living an active lifestyle surrounded by friends, family, and community. COOP products support this idea by providing all-conditions active play products for any skill level.

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COOP is the category leader in water sports. Whether you are looking for fun water toys, bodyboards, or 100% waterproof balls made for water sports and play, dare to compare our Hydro products to other brands.

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