In the Pool

Summer's here and the pool is open - let's get out there and play. COOP makes all kinds of water toys, games, and sports equipment perfect for those long days at the pool with friends and family. Our water sports games make setting up a volleyball or water polo in any pool quick and easy. COOP dive games are not only fun, but help kids build strong swimming skills while playing with their friends. Invite COOP to your next pool party and unleash the FUN!

Diving Games

Diver down! Have you ever wondered how kids can dive for hours on end? Maybe it's because they are playing with COOP dive games. Not only are our diving games fun, they help build confidence and swimming skills. COOP dive games all come with several toys per pack, great for sharing with friends. COOP dive games are made of soft materials with tough stitching for hours of play. All our water diving games come in bright colorful graphics that are easy to see underwater. Looking for a fun pool party favor? You can't go wrong with COOP dive games. COOP dive games include Hydro Dive Stix and Hydro Dive Streamers.

Swimming Pool Games

School's out, summer's here - it's time to head to the pool and play some fun swimming games! Swimming pool games are not only fun, they are a great way for everyone in the family to get some great excercise, and for the kids to practice their swimming skills.

COOP swimming pool games inlcude our line of Hydro Dive Toys and Hydro Balls.


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